Artworks created in procreate on iPad, mostly made between the 2B pencil, the soft crayons, the blending tool and some luminescent brushes

A close up and a study using pastel crayons ($4 from Dymocks)

Icy lakes made on procreate

The beginnings of the underwater piece

Underwater piece created with mixed mediums (pastel crayons, paint pens, copic markers, fineliners and and pencils) and edited in photoshop. *spot Jean-Ralphio

A piece I made in procreate using the charcoal brushes overlaid on the underwater piece

A mix of watercolours and acrylics on the left and a countryside piece I made in procreate on the right

Creating landscapes and textures with shiny acrylic paint, watercolours and crayons and a version I made in procreate on the far right.